Inclusive excellence: About us


At The University Akron, we strive to create a welcoming environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

We respect and celebrate our differences and invite you to join us in creating an environmentDr. Lakeesha K. Ransom that is inclusive and excellent. Inclusive Excellence is broader than past diversity initiatives. At The University of Akron, it is defined as creating a framework for excellence that incorporates diversity at its core while linking the quality of the educational experience.

Normally diversity is not typically a focus at any level in "quality-improvement" efforts. As a result, educational leaders routinely work on diversity initiatives within one committee on campus and work on strengthening the quality of the educational experience within another. This disconnect serves students - and all of education - poorly.

Making Excellence Inclusive seeks to bring about comprehensive educational reform based on research and theory, not only about "what works" to help all  students achieve new forms and levels of excellence, but also about how diversity in the academy adds a richness to the educational experience of students while producing a robust creative environment for faculty and staff.

For students:

  • It promotes learning, critical thinking, and personal enrichment.
  • It opens the door to and teaches them how to contribute to an increasingly diverse and global society.
  • It helps them succeed academically and provides a broad understanding of intercultural dynamics.

For faculty and staff:

  • It provides an environment that recognizes and appreciates the talents, skills, and perspectives of every individual.
  • It uses those skills to reach educational and institutional objectives.
  • It is a process that produces better outcomes for our students and helps achieve the University’s vision of providing the highest quality education to all high achieving students – regardless of their background.

For visitors:

  • It provides an environment that says “Yes. You are welcome here.”
  • It will reflect our openness as an inviting campus community.
  • It will encourage them to bring their sons and daughters here where they will be embraced and encouraged to discover their true potential.

We all play a role in creating an environment that is inclusive. Please visit this Web site regularly, as it will be evolving with interesting information about Inclusive Excellence and what it means for you.

Dr. Lakeesha K. Ransom
Vice Provost, Dean of the Williams Honors College and Interim Chief Diversity Officer

Creating a framework for excellence that incorporates diversity at its core while linking the quality of educational experience.