UA’s Polymer College establishes Akron Masters Program in Taiwan


Signing Ceremony at Taipei Tech (President Li and Dean Amis)

Dr. Eric J. Amis, dean of the College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering and Vice Provost for Research at The University of Akron, recently traveled to Taiwan to visit National Taipei University of Technology. The main objective of the visit was to formally exchange a signed agreement set between Taipei Tech and The University of Akron; this is built upon the foundation of strong connections between Taiwan and the College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering. In fact, the MOU signed with Taipei Tech represents the first Akron Masters Program brought to areas other than China.

Meeting with the Deputy Minister for Education (Dean Amis, Minister Yao, and President Li)

After three years of university courses, students in Taipei Tech can apply to The University of Akron. With the completion of another two years of study at UA, students will be awarded with a bachelor's degree from the Taipei Tech and a master's degree from The University of Akron. Qualified Taipei Tech junior students could start studying in the United States this coming September.

Dean Amis’ visit to Taiwan consisted of numerous events, such as meetings and discussions with Taipei Tech leadership, a meeting with the Taiwan Deputy Minister for Education, presentations to faculty and students, and visits to local polymer enterprises founded by Taipei Tech alumni.

Presentation to NTUT students

The establishment of the Akron Masters Program in Taipei Tech attracted the attention of major media in Taiwan and China, which is helpful to enhance the prestige of both universities. Importantly, the move is endorsed by the Taiwan Deputy Minister for Education, Dr. Leehter Yao, who is in charge of all Higher Education in Taiwan. The College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering will work closely with Taipei Tech actively seeking scholarships sponsored by the local polymer industry to support talented Taipei Tech students to participate in the Akron Masters Program. Also, both Taipei Tech and UA are interested in exploring the possibilities to establish collaborations in other areas, such as the Colleges of Law and Engineering.

“The Taiwan visit has begun a significant new relationship with Taiwan, strengthening the international ties that the College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering strongly values and continually embraces,” says Dean Amis.