Prof. Alan Gent, The University of Akron, and the Adhesion Society's 40th Birthday


Prof. Alan Gent 1973

Prof. Alan Gent - 1973

On February 26, 2017, at its annual meeting in St. Petersburg, the Adhesion Society celebrated the 40th anniversary of its founding and inaugural annual meeting at The University of Akron's Institute of Polymer Science.

Professor Alan Gent, a faculty member in the Institute of Polymer Science at the time, led the effort to establish the society as a means to provide a forum for scientific exchange and education in adhesion science. Gent was elected as the new society's President and served as Statutory Agent for the Society until about 1994.

College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering faculty members Mark Foster, Ali Dhinojwala, and Mesfin Tsige attended the event along with two of Dhinojwala's current PhD students, Gaurav Amarpuri and Alex Nyarko. Carlos Barrios of 3M, an alumnus of the Department of Polymer Science, assisted in the organization of the meeting.

At the celebration banquet, Prof. Foster recounted briefly some of the history of the founding and the roles of Gent and others important in the Society's inauguration, sharing highlights of documentary evidence from the archives of the College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering.

Read more about Prof. Gent’s role in the Adhesion Society and visit the Adhesion Society’s website.