Researchers' work selected for Virtual Special Issue of I&EC Research


ie-2016-03004g_0013Congratulations to our researchers on their recent publication featured in I&EC Research's "Invited Papers from ACS San Diego"!

I&EC Research recently launched their Virtual Special Issue "Invited Papers from ACS San Diego" in which the article "Moderate Temperature Curing of Plant Oils with Bismaleimides via the Ene Reaction" authored by Dr. Brinda Mehta, Dr. Paula Watt, Dr. Mark D. Soucek, and Dr. Coleen Pugh, was included.

Their featured article in this special issue was identified as one of the best presentations from ACS San Diego, and after a rigorous selection process, their article was published along with nineteen other papers from other outstanding authors who presented in San Diego.

The topics covered in the issue include synthesis of polymeric materials that offer sustainability advantages, electrochemical systems, CO2 capture, tissue engineering, nanomedicine, drug discovery, and fundamentals of catalysis that can find energy-related applications.

This special issue, devoted to papers from authors who made outstanding presentations, is the second virtual special issue of its kind.

Read more about this special issue at "Virtual Special Issue: Invited Papers from the 251st ACS National Meeting in San Diego".