Akron Polymer Training Center

The University of Akron's 18,500-square-foot Akron Polymer Training Center is a teaching facility that serves the region's academic and industrial needs by offering a wide variety of non-credit plastic and rubber training courses.

The renovated structure, at East Mill and College streets, contains three classrooms, two polymer processing laboratories and a laboratory devoted to chemical measurement and instrumentation.

The University of Akron's traditional role in polymer education has been at the master's and doctoral levels, but it is well-known that growth of manufacturing jobs occur in geographic regions that have a labor force trained for the shop floor. To better meet the needs of the polymer industry, this unique venture, which began in the fall of 1993, pulls together various components of the University for expanded job-related training.

"The competitive workplace of today is a high-skill environment designed around technology and people who are technically competent."
- U.S. Department of Labor


"A highly-trained and skilled workforce is one of the main ingredients in the attractiveness of a region when a company is looking to locate at a new site. Workforce upgrading is critical to maintaining the competitiveness of any company. The Akron Polymer Training Center is dedicated to fulfilling a broad spectrum of needs for the polymer industry and is adaptable to its varying requirements."

Dr. Frank Kelley, Former Dean of the College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering

Akron Polymer Training Center